Digital Memory Lane on Rescuing Fading Photographs

Photo on left shows Canadian entrepreneur, Robin Fry with his electronic light table for viewing slides.

It is easy in today’s digital age to forget it was not too long ago that we all shot film or slides and had to go to a professional to get our prints made. A local Millardville Entrepreneur Robin Fry is determined to help those confused by the rapid changing of technology move forward in the digital age.

Our film, slides and photographs can fade due to a number of reasons including: High Temperature and humidity; Air pollution and dirt; Light exposure;Fungi or insects; Residual processing chemicals; Base and emulsion deterioration; Handling and usage and Incorrect storage

Not to worry, because there are several ways you can do to preserve these images. Proper storage in archive type folders is important because regular plastics have acid in them that will over time damage the images in them. Originals should not be hung on walls because they will fade and cannot be replaced.

For the technically inclined today’s scanners have improved to the point that they can do much of the image correction automatically. For those with neither the time nor inclination to do so themselves, companies like Digital Memory Lane are in the business to help you convert your old films and slides into digital images.

Robin Fry is a budding seniorpreneur who started his company Digital Memory Lane after he was laid off from his job due to the recent economic downturn. He graduated from the Douglas College Self Employment Program where he learned marketing and business skills to start and grow his business. An amateur photographer and ham radio operator, he loves to tinker with machines and his new venture allows him to turn his passion into a business venture.

He has the equipment to scan documents, photo negatives, photo prints and slides into digital images. He can also convert your VHS tapes to DVD’s. You can find out more about him by visiting

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2 Responses to “Digital Memory Lane on Rescuing Fading Photographs”

  1. This is a big need around our house. Lots of old photos that need to be refreshed. Photoshop and a good scanner.

    Time of course.

  2. Way to go Robin! I love it when people take unfortunate situations (the lay off) and turn it into something great opposed to sitting around crying. Kudos.

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