Propreneur – A New Breed of Entrepreneur

Are you an Entrepreneur or a Propreneur?

There is an increasing number of workers from different professions – artists, designers, videographers, computer programmers, hair stylists, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, accountants, bookkeepers, architects, photographers, consultants….. who are starting their own business.

They do so, not because they want to run a business, but because they want to continue doing what they do best, on their own terms, by being their own boss.

A classic entrepreneur, on the other hand, usually is interested in running a business.  A classic entrepreneur looks for a good business opportunity, and does not discriminate on the type of business as long as the business is viable, legal and has the potential to make a good profit.

On the other hand, the propreneur is not interested in a business for the purpose of making a profit.  Instead, a propreneur looks for a viable way to pursue his/her career or profession by being his/her own boss.

As an example, in our own marketing network, an Accounting Troubleshooter Associate is a propreneur, as he/she is more interested in being an independent associate working in the profession.   If a propreneur hires outside help, it is likely to be a salesperson, to free up the propreneur to do what he/she does best.  An Accounting Troubleshooter Franchisee on the other hand, is interested in running a business and will hire other bookkeepers and accountants to work for his organization.

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One Response to “Propreneur – A New Breed of Entrepreneur”

  1. Dr.Bruce says:

    Interesting article. Never thought of the difference but the idea is compelling and certainly fits with people I work with.


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